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Japan threat to exit whaling body
By Richard Black

Japan will consider walking away from the International Whaling Commission and setting up a rival organisation.

…After securing a narrow majority of members for last year’s meeting – the first majority in 20 years – pro-whaling countries again found themselves in the minority here, and lost a number of key votes.

…Another of Japan’s alternate commissioners, Akira Nakamae, declared that establishing a rival organisation was a possibility.

“We’re greatly interested in the idea of holding a preparatory meeting setting up a conservation and management organisation for cetaceans which… could be a replacement for IWC,” he said.


By Stewart Brown

GENEVA, Feb. 24, 1933 — The Japanese delegation, defying world opinion, withdrew from the League of Nations Assembly today after the assembly had adopted a report blaming Japan for events in Manchuria.

The stunned international conclave, representing almost every nation on earth, sat in silence while the delegation, led by the dapper Yosuke Matsuoka, clad in black, walked from the hall. The crowded galleries broke into mingled hisses and applause.

Japan’s formal resignation from the league is expected to be filed later.

“We are not coming back,” Matsuoka said simply as he left the hall.

The assembly’s report, recommending that Japan withdraw her troops occupying Manchuria and restore the country to Chinese sovereignty, was adopted, 42 to 1, Japan voting against it. Paul Hymans, presiding, announced it was unanimous, since the vote of interested parties does not count.

But of course, a threat is different to action.



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