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Al Jazeera takes a look at Japan’s military future with Robert Dujarric and Hisahiko Okazaki. Worth the watch, particularly because I had no idea Okazaki could speak English.

Part 1

Part 2

via Japan Probe



  1. 2 Japanese analysts versus one Chinese analyst. Interesting video, but I prefer Japan stays within Article 9 and only deploys under UN mandates as in the past

  2. Well, in fairness, the focus was on a rising Japan rather than entirely on the effect on Japan’s neighbours, so its not necessarily 2 vs 1, but rather 1 vs 1 vs 1 (Okazaki and Dujarric are offering quite different perspectives).

    It is interesting, however, how Okazaki justifies Japan’s rise in reference to China…

    Ultimately, however, I agree that Article 9 should remain.

  3. “2 Japanese analysts versus one Chinese analyst”

    No.It’s two foreign analyst against one Japanese analyst,and we are talking about the defense of Japan here,mark..
    I don’t see any Japan analyst being invited to talk on Chinese military build up even though that is a threat to the security of Japan and the region,if not more so than that of Japan.

    I know you have psyche over rising Japanese militarism and Taiwanese nationalism,but not that of PRC….

    And the video starts from Ishihara Shintaro produced movie of Kamikaze and having pacifist activist and North Korea worshipper,Oda Makoto.Would it be too much to say it is pretty biased in my view?
    The recent NYT video even interviwed right wing thugs but no
    defense analyst.It really is frustrating.

    Personally I want the article 9 to be revised especially Americans are not reliable and East Asia is turnning out of control.And we will continue to get bashed over the past under any condition until the end of all the days.
    Let’s start call spade a spade.In that way,at least we shall not miscaliculate each others intentions that could cause a friction into fullscale confrontation.

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