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Welcome to Abduction Politics (, the blog formerly known as I, Shingen.

I, Shingen was my attempt to consolidate the thoughts that flowed into my mind during my Masters research. Having graduated, it is about time that I got serious about continuing my research ahead of my long-term goal of a future PhD.  So, here is my serious face: a new name, banner, design and domain. I can’t promise regular and consistent posts, but I will do my best.

So, what can you expect? My primary focus will be the politics of fear percolating through Japanese-North Korean relations, with particular regard to the abduction issue. Although the issue has seen more light in the past two years, there is plenty of room for further elucidation and evaluation.

Here goes nothing…


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  1. Lovely post. I like your pencraft and thats great that youve opened this subject. Only fool can disagree with this!

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